Positive Intelligence – Mindset Coaching Program

What participants have said about the PQ Mindset Coaching program…

“I have found the program helpful in improving relationships, working with difficult people, minimising stress, self-actualisation and being empathetic towards myself. I’m looking forward to continuing using the PQ app and re-engaging with the material.” Donna, Executive

“I recently participated in the PQ Program facilitated by Kelly. I was really surprised by how much it gave me and how much it is still giving to me even after it has finished. I learned a lot about myself and others, how to deal with certain aspects of my personality that sabotage my ability to move forward on things. At times there were ‘triggers’ but that was a great part of the process and moving forward for sure – being aware and knowing the tools to handle these ‘saboteurs’ as they crop up in your day to day. The great aspect of this program is the support Pod and the app which is a wonderful and easy to use tool – I keep referring to it now and it gives me the ‘kick’ I need with daily reminders too. Highly recommend this course to anyone who is open to learning more about themselves.” Nicole, Professional

“The PQ program has helped me to deal with challenging situations with a positive mindset. The program fast tracked new practices into my daily life and has improved my mindset during challenging times.” Rosemary, Manager

How the program adds value to our work & personal relationships

The past 2 years has proven mentally exhausting for even the most robust of us. Like my clients, I am somewhat of a high achiever who likes to keep moving forward and to work and live with positivity and purpose. That is not always easy, particularly in a pandemic. Those negative thoughts, voices and the internal critic have been playing too loudly for many of us as work and life becomes more challenging with less certainty, more self- doubt and greater strains placed on our relationships at work and home.

The Mindset Coaching (PQ) program created by Shirzard Chamine is used by companies such as Google, Stanford University, Amazon, PayPal. It works.

How the Mindset Coaching Program Works

If you would like to join me as your Coach & Pod Leader, (for the pod of 5) for the 6 week Positive Intelligence PQ Mindset Coaching Program starting 4 June 2022 all you need is a mobile phone to download the positive intelligence app and 15 minutes a day to do the exercises. Plus 1 hour a week to watch the videos and 1 hour to join the pod for a weekly Zoom Group Coaching Session. Note: Group coaching session is optional. However, to get the value from the program you need to get the app, do the daily exercises and watch a weekly video. Plus you can have access to the positive intelligence app for free for 12 months.

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The Positive Intelligence (mental fitness) program is created by Shirzard Chamine This program is used by companies such as Google, Stanford University, Amazon, PayPal. You will thank yourself for investing in your mental fitness as you experience the positive changes you see in yourself & your relationships. Join the information session Monday 30th May, 8pm. Join via Zoom.

Join Kelly Magowan, Career Strategist & Executive Coach to learn more about the Positive Intelligence (PQ) Mindset Coaching 6 week program.

To learn more or sign up for the information session visit here.

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