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“Your career guidance has been such a great help, it got me thinking deeply about my career and what my dreams were, rather than only the ‘safe’ job options.” Karen, Financial Services Executive

“I am eternally grateful to Kelly for her support and guidance during my recent career transition. I worked closely with Kelly and was highly impressed by her ability to synthesise my experience and assist me to re-pitch myself at an executive level. She gave me much food for thought and challenged me to think deeply about myself, my past career and my future career in order to clarify my goals and find my true value add. Kelly also did not pander to me about my likelihood of success, she told me straight up the pitfalls I would face in the recruitment machine – this I appreciated more than any other advice, as it forced me to think creatively and consider how to expand my network to access off-market opportunities. I would highly recommend Kelly to anyone at an executive level looking to make a career change.Kathie, MBA, Executive

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“The hardest step we must all take is to blindly trust in who we are.”


Kelly has written for and spoken with various media groups on the topic of career, salary negotiation and executive coaching.