Are You a Professional or Executive Looking to Make Positive Changes to Your Career?

Unsure how best to go about it? Seeking…

* Career Clarity & Direction
* To Advance Your Career
* Transition Into Something New &/Or Study
* Work with Greater Purpose & Happiness
* Job Search Strategically & With Confidence
* Build Your Personal Brand For Career Advancement

Your Coach

“I thoroughly recommend Kelly to anyone looking to break through their career barriers.” Kathie, Executive

Having been an Executive & Career Coach for 20 years it is very much my calling. Since my early twenties I supported friends and family with their career related challenges which led to becoming a coach. I have always found a great sense of joy and satisfaction in supporting my coaching clients.  It is wonderful to work with professional and executive coaching clients, taking them through a process to achieve their career goals and seeing them thrive.

Clients never cease to amaze me with their career stories – the highs and lows, their tenacity and their goals and dreams for the future. They all share a desire to live and work with greater purpose.

My work as a coach is built around providing coaching support that empowers clients in their career both now and in the future. I partner with my coaching clients throughout the career changes they are seeking to make. From being there on the coaching journey with check-ins, resources, a sounding board, ear to listen, review documents, connect them with others, or to keep them accountable and motivated to achieve their goals.

“Thanks so much for your help in preparing for the position. I have received an offer and am really excited by this opportunity. I’ll be starting in August. Thanks again for your help”. Michelle, Researcher

Coaching Topics

Below are some of the coaching topics you may cover with your Coach.

  • Career advancement
  • Career transitioning
  • Resume & LinkedIn writing
  • Career mapping & management
  • Job search strategies
  • Leadership development
  • Interviewing techniques
  • Salary negotiation support
  • Personal branding tools (Personal Pitch, CV, LinkedIn profile)
  • Networking strategies
  • Confidence building & mental fitness (Positive Intelligence)
  • Challenging conversations
  • Exploring further study options
  • Executive Coaching & Leadership Development
  • Personality Type Profiling – certified in MBTI®, Majors PTi/Elements™ and the Birkman Method®

*We provide you with everything you need. Workbooks, worksheets, templates, presentations, and examples as required. Plus, you can come back to us at different stages of your career to request career resources as needed.

Coaching Outcomes

There are many possible outcomes for you, depending on your goals and outcomes you are seeking from the coaching process. Some clients find that going through the process creates added benefits they were not expecting, such as an increase in confidence, developing new networks (personal and professional connections), a greater sense of purpose in their work, decreased stress and anxiety.

Past Coaching Client Outcomes…

  • Securing a more senior role in the same profession where they feel more challenged and engaged, in a culture aligned with their values
  • Transitioning into a new profession that is aligned with their transferable skills, values, career goals and that offers a sense of purpose
  • Setting up their own business or consultancy in an area aligned with their expertise and areas of interest, enabling them to work aligned with their personal and financial goals
  • Securing an internal promotion, transitioning into a role that is challenging, enabling them to continue to work in a culture that is aligned with their values
  • Securing a board or committee role in an area of interest to start building their portfolio career
  • Creating a portfolio career aligned with their personal and financial goals
  • Career clarity and confidence, with a career map and strategy, tools and support to work towards a plan

Coaching Services

We offer clients the choice of a structured coaching program designed around their specific career needs following a complimentary coaching diagnostic session with a coach (30-60mins).  Or, the option to purchase packs of Coaching Sessions, which can also be explored during the complimentary coaching call.

Coaching Session Packs V’s Structured Coaching Program

Every coaching client is different, with different experiences, strengths, personality types, learning styles, timeframes, and outcomes they are seeking from the coaching process.

While some clients prefer to have a structured coaching program with an overview of what will be covered in each coaching session, accountability, timelines and clear outcomes, others prefer to undertake the coaching process in a more fluid, tactical and self-directed manner.

Each of these coaching approaches has been incredibly successful in delivering clients the outcomes they seek in the way that works best for them. Ultimately it is the clients coaching process, with the coach’s role being to facilitate this in the way that works best for the client.

From experience half our coaching clients have engaged via a structured coaching program while the other half have coaching sessions available to use as they require the support in a more fluid and immediate manner.

Complimentary Coaching

It is important that prospective clients feel a sense of trust, rapport and confidence that their coach understands them and their specific coaching needs.  If you are in the process of exploring engaging a Career Strategist or Executive Coach, we encourage you to book a complimentary coaching call or Zoom session. We also recommend you speak with 2-3 coaches from different organisations to find the best fit for you.

If you are ready to start making positive changes in your career – we encourage you to reach out to learn more about the coaching support available. There is no obligation to move forward after the complimentary coaching call. 

Book directly or via Calendly

“This has been a really enjoyable exercise – although the cover letter took me all day, it’s been good to get more of an understanding of what recruiters are looking for in particular roles and how to more effectively sell myself in an application. Going forward I think I’ll have a lot more confidence in going through the application & interview process. Looking through all the work I have done on this application to date, it’s nice to really reflect on my career to date and acknowledge what I have achieved, instead of letting my saboteurs get in the way with negativity!!” Aaron, Account Manager


Past Coaching Clients

When you engage a coach, we appreciate it is a significant time, personal and financial investment and that you want to be sure that the coaching support is right for you to achieve your goals.

We are always happy to put prospective coaching clients in touch with my past coaching clients to have a chat with them about the process and their experience.   We also encourage you to read the client testimonials on our site.

“Just wanted to let you know – at last I’ve secured that permanent Marketing Manager role I was looking for. I wanted to say thanks to you. For believing in me and helping me believe in myself. I could never have got to a CV I was proud of and a LinkedIn profile that reflected what I stand for if it hadn’t been for your help. Despite spending over 6 months with the out-placement service it wasn’t until you held me to account that I really had a breakthrough with both CV and LinkedIn.” Carol, Marketing Manager


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Coaching Fees

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This image summarises the core ingredients to finding your life purpose & how they are interrelated & combine to reach your Ikigai. The concept of Ikigai (pronounced ee-key-guy) was developed by clinical psychologist, Akihiro Hasegama based on Japanese life philosophy. It roughly translates into English as ‘your purpose in life’ or ‘your reason for being’.

Kelly has written for and spoken with various media groups on the topic of career, salary negotiation and executive coaching.