Why finding the top performing recruiters can double your job search odds


Recruitment Extra is a monthly journal that I always enjoy reading as the content offers a diverse range of perspectives and is always current and thought provoking. This post was not intended to be a plug for Recruitment Extra however given they do such a great job I thought it worth mentioning. The other reason is that it offers job seekers some good content to assist in understanding how the recruitment market works to better manage a job search or career change.

One of the articles in a recent addition that caught my eye was ‘What does that top performer really look like’ by Nigel Harse. The article was describing a top performing recruitment consultant, which was interesting. More interesting was the fact that it talks about ‘candidate utilisation’ which they state that with a top performer “candidate utilisation is also generally twice as good as the industry average which runs at approximately 10%-12% of people being interviewed that are placed.”  So, as a job seeker it is interesting to know your odds of securing a role are basically one in ten with a typical consultant. This stat indicates how hard you need to be working when it comes to job seeking to secure a role. It is a case of doing your own networking, contacting companies direct and meeting with a lot of recruiters – and where possible finding out who the top performing recruiters are to increase your odds!

The more you understand about how the recruitment process works, the more empowered you are as a job seeker, and hopefully you can achieve your goals in a quicker and less stressful fashion.

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