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With the world in a current state of uncertainty it is understandable that people are confused about what they should be focusing on when it comes to their jobs and careers.

  • Should I stay in the role that I am currently in, even though I am unhappy?
  • Should I enrol to study?
  • Do I postpone study?
  • Do I look at changing jobs or careers in 6-12 months time or now?
  • Do I shelve the idea of setting up my own side venture?

There is no right or wrong away to approach your work life now, more so it is about staying true to yourself and focused on what matters to you most – with health and family and relationships being the priority.

If you are feeling anxious about your work, coaching support can be helpful to provide direction, motivation and a working strategy for the months ahead. If offers something you can have a sense of focus and control over.

While we cannot control what is happening in the external world, we can control how we react to it.  We can plan and prepare and lay the foundations for what comes next.

Or for you, it may be staying put for now and planning and preparing what you need to make a job or career change 6 months from now. Remembering it takes 6-12 months to make this change regardless of the job market.  Your coach can help work with you to create a strategy and plan to be working on during this time.

It may be finding strategies to stay engaged and positive in your work amongst all the certainty, looking to outside interests, hobbies and support groups to keep you motivated.

For those not currently working yet actively looking for work, again accepting it may take another 6 months before the job market recovers and during this time what can you be doing to stay motivated and prepare yourself during this time. You can work on your strategy with your coach to keep you on track and best placed to secure a great new job.

If you feel you would benefit from coaching support over the coming 6 months please reach out or book online.


  • Session (Skype, Zoom or Phone)  x1 hour AUS $197  (plus GST)
  • Session packages (Skype or Phone) 4 X 1 hour sessions AUS $750 (plus GST),

 Tax deductions: speak with your Accountant to see if these apply.

I work with clients virtually using Skype (kellymagowan) , Zoom or FaceTime.


“Kelly has provided exceptional professional guidance, advice and practical steps to help me prepare for & secure a new position. I look forward to meeting with Kelly again in the future to assist with my long-term career goals.”  Fraser, L&D Professional Click to read more of my client testimonials




To make a booking contact Kelly Magowan on 0417 330 673 or email or  OR book online



I have been working as a Career Strategist & Executive Coach for 20 years and have supported thousands of professionals and executives in their careers. It is my passion and purpose to work to empower people in their work life. Given we spend 1/3 of our lives working, it only makes sense that the work we do matters and that we derive a sense of satisfaction, pride and enjoyment from our careers.

For further information about my background and qualifications you can download my Bio  KellyMagowanBio or click  about kelly.


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