The Power of Career Visioning ‘A Guided Virtual Exercise’




Is your career lacking direction? Do you have some ideas about potential careers however feel there may be other paths you just don’t know about? Or perhaps you know that what you are doing is not right, however you are not sure what other career paths to follow.

If you are up for spending a small amount of time reflecting and doing a you may just find some new and exciting career paths begin to form.

Before undertaking the visioning exercise below, you may like to spend a few minutes listening to the 3 minute guided visioning exercise above. Or you may just like to read and follow the instructions below. Whatever works best for you.


Let’s Go Through the Virtual Career Visioning Exercise

  • Find somewhere quiet where you will not be distracted for the next 10 minutes.
  • Close your eyes and take a 5 short breaths. Let go of everything else that is going on in and around you.

Picture yourself in future – this could be 5 or 10 years from now.

Focus on what you want in relation to your worklife. Think big, dream. See the success of your dream in full. Do not include practicalities around the visioning – it is dreaming only.

Move all those self-limiting thoughts to the side. Simply visualise what you want for your worklife in the future. See it in your mind. Feel it. Resist focusing on the solution about how you will achieve it. Focus only on the desired outcome of your dream. Allow the details to take care of themselves.

Visualize what it is like to experience the success of your dream. Use all of your five senses to imagine yourself x years from now or when your dream has become a reality.

Draw upon all of your senses to visualize your new worklife.

  • What do you see?
  • What do you smell?
  • What sounds do you notice?
  • What tastes are you experiencing?
  • What sensations are you experiencing?

Pay attention to how it feels to achieve your worklife dream. Have all the parts of your past come together to bring you this success. What does it feel like?

Open your eyes and come back with 5 short breaths.

Journaling: Find a quiet place and take 15 minutes to write in your journal what you saw in your vision. Describe what it felt like, sounded like and tasted like. Write down all the details as you saw them.

Audio: click below to listen to the 3 minute guided visioning exercise

Career Vision & Strategy Document: click to download the template to complete after the visioning exercise.

Career Vision_templateone


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