The Benefits of Putting Yourself & Your Career Goals Out There


I have been fortunate to have had a great start to the year.  Upon reflection I had done a fair bit of the preparation in 2011; however luck certainly has also been on my side.

In early January 2012 I was surprised and delighted to be called by a producer from ABC radio to come and speak on Prue Bentley’s drive program on the topic of making a career change.  Having never done radio, to make my debut on talkback radio was certainly moving me out of my comfort zone. I adopted the attitude that I know and am passionate about my subject matter, which helped put me at ease. It also helped that the staff at the ABC Radio station were all friendly fantastic people.

This call did not come out of nowhere, as in 2011 I had some ideas for career related radio segments. I put out proposals to various radio stations, some via network introductions and others cold. I received the ‘no thank you’ messages as well as some ‘no responses’. The approach I took is what I encourage my careers clients to undertake when making a job or career change. And the responses I received were very similar to those in the job search process.

In 2011 no one was interested in what I had to pitch, which also shows you timing is everything. It also highlighted that because you are not snapped up right away, it does not mean there is not a market for what you have to offer.

There are many benefits to putting yourself out there, rather than simply applying for jobs via the traditional channels. The difference is that it can take time, and also relies on building relationships.  It requires a strategy and extra effort.  Most importantly it relies on moving out of your comfort zone – which is not easy I know.

If you have some career ideas or dreams for 2012,  be it about growing your personal brand (via public speaking, writing etc), changing jobs or careers, setting up your own consultancy or sideline business, volunteer work, a board position etc, I encourage you to put it out there, as you never know what will come back.

Share any stories you have where you have put yourself out there in terms of your career, and what it led to.

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