Salary Negotiation: What You’re Doing Wrong

02J81530When speaking on the topic of ‘Salary Negotiation for Women’, I invariably encounter women who bring varying levels of expertise on the topic – which is great.

Mostly, the women I speak with are aware of the benefits of salary negotiation but have resisted pursuing it for a raft of reasons ranging from lack of knowledge on the topic, to fear, lack of confidence and social conditioning.

I too can understand why many women avoid it, given salary negotiation is a small component of negotiation which is a fairly sizeable topic. This is evidenced by the many universities that offer negotiation subjects.

And as we know, many women tend to want to have a subject pretty well mastered before being confident to execute a discussion on it, which may be why we hesitate when it comes to salary negotiation.

It is pleasing when I do encounter women who are expert salary negotiators, and goodness knows we need more of these.

What I find more challenging is when I encounter women who have a little knowledge on the subject and a lot of confidence! While I love the confidence aspect I certainly don’t advocate going into the salary negotiation process half baked.

Recently I met with a lovely lady who was professional, intelligent and confident. She was looking to negotiate her salary with her current employer after a period of absence. In speaking with her she seemed pretty confident in her approach. I asked her to test her salary negotiation pitch on me.

What I found was that her negotiation pitch was full of holes. It was all about her and her needs! While your needs are a given, a negotiation pitch needs to be packaged up to highlight the benefits to the person and organization to whom you are negotiating with.

So what was wrong with the pitch?   To read the full article visit Women’s Agenda 


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