Recommended Niche, Employer Direct & Not for Profit Job Sites


treeWhile there are the big job sites to incorporate into your job search (however don’t rely too heavily on these), there are also a great selection of niche job sites to explore for part time, full time, volunteer, committee, board and not for profit sector roles.

I encourage you to branch out if you are looking to make a job or career change or thinking about starting your board career.

Our Communitygreat for board, committee and volunteer roles. I found my last committee role here which was terrific

Not for profit jobs for a great selection of paid jobs in the nfp sector

Pro Bono Australiafor a mix of paid and unpaid roles and volunteer opportunities

Apply Direct – while recruiters form an essential part of job searching, it is also nice to have a site where you can find a selection of jobs directly from the hiring companies

Lifestyle Careers – a site that has stood the test of time helping those looking for more worklife balance

Career Mums a great site with lots of jobs and information for women looking for part time and family friendly job opportunities

The above is a selection of some of the sites that I like, use and recommend. If you have any other great jobs sites please post or send through the details to add to the list.

One thought on “Recommended Niche, Employer Direct & Not for Profit Job Sites

  1. Leah Gibbs

    Thank you so much for the mention in your article Kelly. It has been a long journey and many late nights as a solo operator and female job board owner. I love what I do which helps. I relaunched today to take it to the next level. Check it out would love your feedback. IT looks pretty amazing 🙂


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