Power Posing – a technique that may improve your interview & meeting performance!


photo 2When it comes to the job search process, rightly or wrongly how we present ourselves does play a role in our success.  There are many aspects to how we present ourselves – from our clothing, hair, to our language, tone and also our body language.  Our body language is one that often we neglect to work on – as we don’t see it.

Its role in our career is important – as it is so very telling. It lets people know if we are engaged, confident, defensive, happy, easy going and so on.

The topic fascinates me and I am regularly working with clients on this aspect of their job search.  When I came across Amy Cuddy on TED, talking about body language and ‘power poses’ I was delighted.  Amy Cuddy – ‘Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are’   is a brilliant video worth watching if you are interested in personal development.  Her research suggests that if you hold a powerful position for 2 minutes, it can have a profound effective on how you feel – and ultimately how you come across to others. It could be just the interview preparation or meeting boost we all need!

There is also another link to a talk on the subject Amy Cuddy did on CNN

I am a true believer in the simple things often being the most effective – this is just an example of this at work.  Let me know your thoughts.

Note: image provided by Graffiterati

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