NFP, Volunteer & Government Job Sites & Services to Explore


If you are living in Australia and are considering a job or career change or to secure work in the NFP, Education or Government sectors, it makes sense to venture beyond the traditional job sites and services.

Consider reaching out to your local council for casual, contract and/ or project work. In addition, universities offer casual, contract and permanent roles. Sign up to their career pages for job mail in the fields your experienced and or interested in.

Be sure to also network through friends, family and colleagues where possible. Job sites should only form a small part of your job search. Volunteering, networking, doing casual and project work etc all will get your career moving in the right direction.

Some sites to explore include;

NGO Recruitment (Great NGO jobs)

Our Community


Ethical Jobs

Seek Volunteer

Victorian Government Job Site (or find the one in your state)

Go Volunteer

Pro Bono Australia

FlexCareers (part time jobs)

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