My Top 5 Books for Job Searchers & Career Changers


IMG_5330When working with careers clients, there are various tools, methodologies and techniques that I draw upon dependent on the needs of the client.  In addition to providing clients with workbooks – where relevant I provide additional reading.  Below I have listed my five most recommended careers related books and why.


Fierce Conversations, author Susan Scott
It is a terrific book that offers a framework for having difficult or challenging conversations at work or home. In some instances having the challenging conversation can sometimes ease a difficult situation at work that is contributing to dissatisfaction or provide the vehicle in which to have that career conversation about where you really want to be working within the organisation.  Without having these conversations you can overlook ideal career opportunities that maybe right in front of you! It must be added that this book is a challenging one to get through with a lot of exercises to apply the strategies – however well worth the effort.

Business Model U, author Tim Clark
What Colour is Your Parachute by Richard Bolles has stood the test of time and is a great career resource.  However Business Model U offers a more contemporary take on the career change front leveraging a business minded approach to the task. It is based on the structure of creating a business plan and provides practical information in small chunks, including activities and stories by other career changers on how they did it. An appealing book for those who like a more pragmatic approach.

The Happiness Trap, author Russ Harris
Changing jobs or careers requires a lot of time and dedication and with it comes a lot of rejection. Maintaining a positive state of mind can be tough as applications go unanswered, interviewers don’t give you ‘real’ feedback or update you and all you seem to be receiving are countless verbal and emailed no thank you’s. In my recent post ‘How to Tame the Internal Critic when Job Seeking’ I explain how the internal critic within can blare more loudly when you are making a career related change. This book offers practical and easy to apply techniques to help control the internal critic. It is an easy and enjoyable read and one that will help you get through the job search or career change process more confidently.

How to Master Networking, author Robyn Henderson
Networking can be enjoyable – it just depends on how you approach it.  If you view it as simply an opportunity to learn new things and meet interesting new people it can take the sting out of the process.  In her book, ‘How to Master Networking’, Robyn Henderson offers practical and easy to apply techniques to improve your networking ability and enjoyment.  It is a career essential and particularly relevant for professionals and executives to master.

The First 90 Days, author Michael Watkins
While ‘The First 90 Days’ relates to how best to use your time once in the job, it is also incredibly relevant when going through the interview process. As a professional or executive going through the interview process if you can share your ideas and a high level strategy of how you would execute in the role the interviewer cannot help but be impressed. It is this preparation and strategic thinking that makes the top candidates stand out from the others.  This book offers a framework of how to succeed both in the interview and once in the role. It is very detailed offering a step by step approach.

While these are some of my favourite books to assist job and career changers, I would welcome hearing about your favourite books.





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