How to Combat the Fear of Getting Fired


at_deskLack of job security is an unfortunate reality that we all live with. For many of us it can be a cause of great stress and anxiety. There are no ‘safe’ professions anymore and particularly for those people who value and need security in their worklife, this unsettled world of work we now have can be very challenging.

The post by Susie Moore, ‘Five Reasons to Never Fear Getting Fired’ may provide some comfort as you trek off to work. I particularly like point 4 – Something better is waiting. I cannot agree more with this as next to always when people do find themselves without work they always go on to do something bigger and better that they enjoy a lot more than what they left or were forced to leave.

While fear of lack of job security is going to rear its head now and then, take comfort in the fact that we all go through it and that a lot of this fear is purely just that. The quote “worrying never changed anything” rings so true in this situation.

If you are feeling uneasy about your job security I encourage you to read ‘Five Reasons to Never Fear Getting Fired’.

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