How is your Klout? What impact does it have on your job search?


Some of you may have stumbled upon a fairly new site called Klout

To some degree the concept has legs as many of us continue to grow our online personal brands.  In theory the site works as a personal branding barometer that measures your influence – hence the name. It aggregates all the content about you from LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, your blog etc to give you a Klout rating.   It seems that the site is increasingly being used as a reference tool by recruiters.  Whether this is a valid thing to do in my view is questionable.

For instance, when it comes to work and job seeking, how much relevance does / should your Facebook content have?  Secondly, as I have discovered, not being on the computer these past few months (due to a new born) my Klout is rather pitiful. This is the case even though over the years I have created a lot of content via my site, blog, Twitter and LinkedIn. It seems your content has to be super current to ensure you have a decent Klout score.   I question then if Klout is more about quantity than quality!

There are certainly some positives about Klout and it is worth exploring.

How valid a screening tool is it for those recruiting – I am not sure. What are your views?

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