Discovering Martha Beck


marthaLate last year I came across an article in The New York Times about Martha Beck titled ‘The Merchant of Just Be Happy’  which has since led to a growing fascination with her and her business philosophy.

Martha is a PhD, Harvard educated and spent many years as an academic. With her husband she raised three children and encountered many personal challenges during this time from her own ill health to her middle child being diagnosed in utero with Down syndrome. She has successfully built up a business around ‘Life Coaching’ which she herself says is the closest term to describing her approach to working with clients. Martha is a prolific writer and has made the successful transition from academic to entrepreneur through her life coaching enterprise, Martha Beck.  She combines the practical with the spiritual which is perhaps why she has such a great appeal.

Martha has been big in the USA for many years now assisted by her appearances on the Oprah show and writings for the O magazine.  From my readings of Martha and watching her TED presentations she truly is a remarkable and inspiring women who is authentic and simply focussed on helping people to just be happy.

Her philosophy and approach can be encapsulated by the theme “You will have all the happiness and money you need if you can just find what you’re supposed to be doing and do it.”  This maybe why I am attracted to Martha’s work as I share the same approach in my careers work.  My focus is on working with clients to identify what is going to give them the greatest sense of satisfaction and purpose in their worklife and helping them to achieve their career goals.

I have enjoyed discovering Martha Beck and invite you to take a look.

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