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Designing Your Work Life For A Happier Future – Free Podcast

thumbcrop-1I was fortunate to be able to speak with Cecelia & Nat about Wellness & Our Careers ‘Designing Your Work Life’

The Wellness Collective Radio Show, is a show with radio personality Cecelia Ramsdale &  Health Educator and Dr. of Chinese Medicine Nat Kringoudis who come together to slice up and serve health and wellness information like never before.

This is a podcast from a couple of years ago, however people may find it helpful in reflecting on their careers (whether currently working or not) and thinking about how they want their work life to look in the future after this global health crisis. It is so important to take stock of what matters most to us and how we want to live and work beyond 2020.

To download this free podcast visit The Wellness Collective 


Why ‘Employer Rating Sites’ are a must to research your next employer!

03D05724Gone are the days of joining a new employer blindly so to speak. In the past you joined an employer on good faith that were going to be a great and fair place to work. That they would deliver on all those ‘verbal promises’ sold at the interview.

Employer rating sites offer a great source of information about how the marketplace views employers – which for some organisations can be an amazing endorsement that confirms that all the hard work they have put into offering a great workplace is working. Whilst for others it can be a bit of a wake up call. Employer rating sites are terrific for job seekers as they provide you with a current marketplace barometer of how employees really view working at that organisation. You will find a lot of the bigger companies,  however you may not find as many small to medium-sized businesses.

Now in addition to doing your usual Google search and asking about your networks, there  are a number of good employer rating sites you should be using before you start your next job, such as;


It is one of the original employer rating sites and has some terrific data on the organisation, key staff and even salary data.

Rate My Employer 

Rate My Employer is a similar site to the above for the European market.


This site has reviews of most listed companies. You can use the research salary data feature to find employee salary information. A hub of great data.

I encourage you to spend some time doing your due-diligence on these sites when you are going through the job search process.  They offer a wealth of information about what the employer is really like (however you may need to read between the lines with some) and it provides some terrific salary data to leverage at the the salary negotiation stage.

About the author

Kelly Magowan is a certified Career Coach with her own Career & Executive Coaching Practice. She has built a reputation as a thought leader in the careers space and has published a book on Amazon,‘The Busy Women’s Guide to… Salary Negotiation’. 


How A Career & Lifestyle Strategist Can Give Your Career Direction

About Me


Kelly Magowan is a certified career coach and has built a reputation as a thought leader in the careers space. Kelly has been working in the arena of human resource management, recruitment and career and executive coaching for over 18 years. In addition she has spent over three years working at Melbourne Business School as a careers consultant assisting MBA students, alumni and senior executive MBA students in securing their next rewarding role and/or embarking on a new career. Kelly runs her own careers consultancy, specialising in working with professionals and executives both face to face and virtually.  She has successfully supported over a thousand clients to make positive changes in their worklife.

My Approach 

A  passionate Career & Lifestyle Strategist empowering professionals to:

  • Explore possibilities
  • Validate choices / options
  • Feel empowered to act
  • Work and live with purpose

Become empowered and supported to see the possibilities for your career and life, and to make choices aligned with creating the work and lifestyle you truly want to live.

As a coach I am sought out for my ability to challenge, facilitate new possibilities and to inspire, support and drive clients to act and create a work and lifestyle with purpose.

If you are someone who is wanting this, please contact me today to get started.


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