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LinkedIn Profile Tips

linkedin kelly 2 ‘The 31 Best LinkedIn Profile Tips for Job Seekers‘ is a neat and concise article to give you the essentials of what you need in your profile when job seeking.  While in some areas it does not go into the detail about how to do it – it is a terrific starting place. It is also a good checklist to use to ensure your profile has all the key criteria that recruiters and hirers look for.

I really like point 7) to use stats where you can and qualify whatever you can. Case studies also add bonus points to your profiles impact. These are things people don’t include enough both in their resumes and on their profiles.

Now is the time of year to make sure you update your profile and add all those new achievements, skills, training etc. Point 10) is about highlighting your achievements – an extension of point 7).

Be active on LinkedIn, add multi-media where you can and don’t be afraid to extend recommendations where they are warranted.  It is a case of the more you give the more that comes back to you.

The final area which many job seekers can leverage is the online publishing platform LinkedIn now offers. It is great for growing your personal brand and promoting your current blog or other online content you produce or contribute to.

Have a look at  ‘The 31 Best LinkedIn Profile Tips for Job Seekers