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Why knowledge transfer is essential when contractors leave an organisation

Contractors can be an attractive, management and shareholder-friendly solution to staffing woes, but fail to build a knowledge transfer process into their contracts and you run the risk of losing all your expertise when they walk out of the door.

When the project ends and it’s time for contractors to finish up, will your staff be ready to take over? Can you be sure they are equipped with the specialist knowledge and insight needed to maintain momentum as the project moves from initiation into an ongoing administrative phase? Will they be able to deal with problems relating to people, processes and equipment? Or is all your expertise about to walk out the door when the contractor leaves?

Over the past few years Australian businesses have increasingly turned to white collar contractors (referred to as Independent Professionals or IPros by Entity Solutions) as a way of solving short and medium-term staffing shortages, and gaining specific skills or knowledge and support in various projects and assignments. Ever since the global financial crisis, uncertain economic times have caused companies to think carefully about their employment strategies. Headcount freezes and tightened budgets have made IPros an extremely attractive, management and shareholder-friendly solution to staffing woes.  To read this full post visit the Entity Blog.

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