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03b62859An excellent resume cannot just be written!  It requires the writer to spend time undertaking some self-reflection work to capture their story in a compelling way. Having spent nearly 20 years in HR, Recruitment & Career & Executive Coaching, it is rare for me to encounter a good resume.  While the person may be great, the document is not. Likewise for LinkedIn.

When making a job or career change it is likely your resume will need to be updated, or completely re-written if you are targeting new industries or professions. If you are a professional or executive a quick update will not yield the results you seek.

As a part of the Career Coaching process, I often work with my clients on developing a professional or executive level resume that tells the story of where they have been and more importantly, positions them for the roles they are targeting.

Once clients can articulate their key capabilities and write compelling achievement stories and articulate their personal brand,  both the resume and LinkedIn together make a powerful combination that achieves the results clients seek.

While there are many wonderful resume writers in the market for those looking to outsource the work, my approach is to partner with my clients to create an amazing Resume and LinkedIn profile.

To find out more about this process that has been successful for hundreds of clients please email or call me on 0417 330 673.

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