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  • 03A08179Is Your Career Lacking Direction?
  • Feeling Stuck & No Longer Challenged At Work?
  • Unsure What Others Careers You Would Enjoy?
  • Job Searching & Not Getting Results? 

Through providing a professional, respectful & challenging coaching process, over 20 years I have supported & empowered thousands of business professionals to achieve a rewarding & meaningful career.

Clients I have worked with include those who have completed post graduate study such as an MBA and want to capitalise on this investment, by moving up or transitioning into another industry or job.  Other professionals and executives come seeking support as they may have lost motivation at work, or are feeling stuck in a role, level or career path and don’t know where to start to make change. Or they may know what job they want to be doing, however are stuck and needing support to help facilitate this change.  Others are simply unsure about what career options are available.

If you are thinking about changing jobs or careers and feel you may need some professional support, contact me for a complimentary 15 minute confidential phone discussion.

“Kelly’s warm and approachable style and professionalism empowered me to work through the mindsets that were holding me back. Through her coaching, I’ve gone to the next level in my career and my confidence. I’d highly recommend Kelly to anyone who wants a grounded, supportive and knowledgeable source of information about career development and management.” Angela, Marketing Professional & MBA

I welcome you to reach out to my site or contact me directly to discuss the career support you may be seeking.

When should you engage a Career Coach & Strategist?

Professionals and Executives engage the services of a Career & Strategist for various reasons, including;

  • Career change
  • Career advancement
  • Lacking in career confidence
  • Job search strategies
  • Interviewing coaching (for face to face & virtual interviews)
  • Salary negotiation coaching
  • Personal branding (including using social media to build your online brand)
  • Networking
  • Exploring further study options
  • Personality Type Profiling
  • Seeking fulfilling work
  • Worklife Balance
  • Moving from a technical role to a managerial role
  • Moving from a managerial role to an executive role
  • Redundancy
  • Exploring self employment or setting up a business

Outcomes you can expect

There are many possible outcomes, some of these include:

  • Securing a more senior role in the same profession
  • Transitioning into a new profession or industry
  • Creating a new satisfying career
  • Consulting or contracting
  • Internal career promotion
  • Short term and long term career planning
  • Building a portfolio career
  • Transitioning to self employment
  • Volunteering, mentoring or board roles

My methodolgy & approach to career success

As a Career Coach & Strategist with over 20 years of experience and client success my passion and purpose is around working to empower professionals and executives to experience a personally rewarding career. I have built a profile as a Thought Leader in the careers domain around the work I do with professionals and executives.

I provide a bespoke approach which translates into successful results for my clients. Clients engage my services on a session by session basis or through a more structured approach in the Next Step Career Change Program. 

My expertise is my ability to listen, explore, challenge and facilitate a process to help my clients identify their strengths and passions. I work with my clients to inspire, focus and coach them to achieve their career goals to be the best they can, and to live the life they want.

Client profiles

My client’s professional backgrounds are varied from lawyers to chief financial officers, public sector professionals, doctors, investment bankers, vets,  not for profit professionals, chief executive officers, marketing and sales executives, MBA students & alumni, PhD’s, through to business owners and IT professionals.  You can read some of their testimonials here. 

Virtual Coaching Fees

  • Sessions (Skype or Phone) –  1 hour  AUS $197  (plus GST)
  • Session packages (Skype or Phone) (4 X 1-hour sessions AUS $750  (plus GST)

* Tax deductions: speak with your Accountant to see if these apply.

I work with clients virtually using Skype (kellymagowan) or Zoom.

Book Your Coaching Session Online HERE

Face to Face Coaching Fees

  • Sessions  –  1 hour  AUS $275  (plus GST)
  • Session packages (Skype or Phone)  (4 X 1-hour sessions AUS $1,000  (plus GST)

* Tax deductions: speak with your Accountant to see if these apply.

How to Book

To make a booking contact Kelly Magowan on 0417 330 673 or email or 

Not ready to engage a Career Coach & Strategist?

You can get started yourself today with my 2020 DIY Career Change Program Guides that will enable you to reflect on who you are and what you want your work and life to look like in 2020.

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Quality assurance and service

This service is governed by an extensive Code of Professional Conduct through my professional membership of the Career Development Association of Australia, CDAA.

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