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“For women, we have a lot of different shame triggers but the number one with women is appearance and body image. For men the number one shame trigger is professional identity and status.Brene Brown


If you have not come across the researcher Brene Brown before, I would encourage you to check her out. She has some amazing videos on YouTube around vulnerability and more recently I found this fantastic interview with her on Dumbo Feather, ‘Brene Brown Is a Grounded Researcher. The interview covers all manner of topics and provides some insightful and thought provoking questions and ideas.  It is very relevant for those who are going through or contemplating a career transition.

While not covered in this interview, Brene Brown has a great visual tactic she uses around vulnerability. She encourages people to keep an empty glass jar and add a marble to it each time you show vulnerability.  I use this same concept around my career & lifestyle – putting in marbles when I am working on my career and doing things in my life that are positive (I empty it each month and start again). Often we neglect working on our career and making time for doing things that provide us with personal satisfaction and enjoyment such as hobbies, exercise, meditation, friends, travel etc. It is just too easy to be busy doing all the things we believe we ‘should’ be doing and neglecting doing more of the things we actually want to be doing.  I find the marble exercise simple, yet very effective for bringing more balance and enjoyment into my life. That said I do have better months than others. It is a work in progress!

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