Book Review ‘How to master networking’ by Robyn Henderson

“Trust is built by repetition – the more they see you and get to know you better, the more trust is built.”

My husband attended a presentation by Robyn Henderson  via one of the events held by an industry association he is a part of.  He came back from the event with the book ‘How to master networking’ and speaking very positively about Robyn and her networking advice.

I could not help myself from reading the book as I had to find out what great information Robyn had to share on the topic that had got my husband so inspired.

Pleasantly I found that the book was short and easy to read with lots of easy activities to follow. The advice imparted is just as relevant for those who are self employed as for those who are job seeking or looking to progress their careers.

The book offers a lot of practical advice in addition to the support tools to assist you with implementation, management and measurement of your networking.  It covers everything from time management, to tips for shy or nervous networkers, conducting yourself at networking functions and generating referrals.  My only observation with the book is that includes very little about online networking. The books focus is very much about offline networking, which is equally as important as online.

While reading the book, it became clear that while I do some networking, I certainly don’t do enough of it, nor am I am member of enough groups or associations.  Robyn states that we need to make networking the #1 priority every day. Something I will certainly be working on for 2012 with the advice from her book.

If you feel that your networking skills need to be improved, I would recommend this book.

If you have read the book, I would welcome your comments or if you have any great networking tips for us all.