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“Kelly helped me switch gears and pursue a career in management consulting. This has been an exciting career change and I’ve not looked back. The main strength Kelly provided was in building confidence that it is possible, although hard, to change careers. Her other advice, support and information on structuring the resume, targeting the translatable skills and managing the expectations of what a career in consulting would look like before entering, has been essential to the success of being admitted to a big 4 consultancy. Thank you for all your help!” Thomas, MBA


“Kelly has provided exceptional professional guidance, advice and practical steps to help me prepare for & secure a new position. I look forward to meeting with Kelly again in the future to assist with my long-term career goals.”  Fraser, L&D Professional

“You are a highly skilled adviser who can adapt to changing needs.  You have the tools available to create focus and inspiration. The tools are deceptively simple and delivered in a sensitive but challenging style. A delight to deal with.”  Trevor, Legal Executive

“I have always been impressed by Kelly’s professionalism, knowledge, integrity and energy. Her ability to guide me with direct, honest and insightful advice has been invaluable to developing a deeper understanding of my strengths and weaknesses and all the options available in developing my career. I have no hesitation in recommending Kelly as I know her to be a stand out in here field. After using Kelly’s services I became much clearer and confident of my options and the steps required to reach my career goals. I now have the clarity and tools to move forward.” Richard, Market Research Professional

“Kelly’s warm and approachable style and professionalism empowered me to work through the mindsets that were holding me back. Through her coaching, I’ve gone to the next level in my career and my confidence. I’d highly recommend Kelly to anyone who wants a grounded, supportive and knowledgeable source of information about career development and management.” Angela, MBA Student

“I have been working through a career change for the past 18 months with Kelly Magowan. Kelly has been a great mentor guiding me through a career change from owning my own Veterinary Practice to revisiting student life to enter study as an Engineering student. This transition was daunting from the outset, and Kelly has made me realise that life really is short, and enjoying your job really is important for life happiness. Her ground-up approach has involved thorough analysis of my career preferences and personality profiling. The journey towards career development could not be rushed. Kelly has patiently and professionally provided me with the tools to work towards a career that is more fulfilling.  Kelly is a great communicator and has kept in touch with me through every step of my transition, and still does today. I am so grateful for all she has done for me, and strongly recommend her services. ” Daniel, Veterinary Surgeon

“Kelly is an exemplary Coach. She imparts her considerable business acumen with generosity and skilled focus. Kelly’s intuition, combined with her tactical experience is a formidable combination to have in one’s arsenal, especially when negotiating new territory. I could not recommend her more highly.”  Martin, Marketing Executive

“I got stuck into the ‘workbooks’ over the weekend; long overdue! And thanks also for Friday’s session; it was enlightening and motivating.” Lee, Marketing Executive

“Thank you for all your help, support and guidance over the past 6 months. It certainly was instrumental in helping me to find the right role.” Karen, Finance Professional

“Wanted to say that l thought your salary negotiation presentation at the AIM session was fantastic. Very insightful and will definitely put your recommendations into practise.” Jacky,  Account Manager

“Kelly provided career advice that fundamentally altered the course of my business and enabled us to raise over $100k in equity finance. At the time I was unsure as to whether to head back into corporate land or continue with my own buisness. Not only did Kelly help with this decision but she altered some key business parameters that enabled us to be successful.” Marcus, Entrepreneur

“Your career guidance has been such a great help, it got me thinking deeply about my career and what my dreams were, rather than only the ‘safe’ job options.”  Karen,  Project Manager

“It was indeed a privilege to have had you as my coach and mentor. You’re amazing at what you do and always bring the best out of the other person.” Anon, IT Consultant

“While studying our respective masters together, Kelly’s entrepreneurial spirit, insightful and pragmatic approach to business were clearly solid attributes. Ten years on and upon returning to Australia after a decade of working in Europe, Kelly’s career coaching helped me re-connect with the Australian business landscape and she recommended opportunities and strategies I hadn’t considered previously. For career direction and coaching, Kelly is a truly generous, experienced, knowledgeable and down-to-earth professional.” Tanya, Marketing Professional

“I have worked with Kelly over a a couple of years to develop my executive potential and to transition into other executive roles outside of my industry experience. I have found Kelly’s coaching and guidance always focused on my ability to grow and develop as a professional and she adjusted her approach to my pace of progress. Kellys’ coaching was coupled with studying an MBA at Deakin University and she has unlocked valuable insights into my study at the time. ” Robert, Financial Controller  

“I am eternally grateful to Kelly for her support and guidance during my recent career transition. I worked closely with Kelly and was highly impressed by her ability to synthesise my experience and assist me to re-pitch myself at an executive level. She gave me much food for thought and challenged me to think deeply about myself, my past career and my future career in order to clarify my goals and find my true value add. Kelly also did not pander to me about my likelihood of success, she told me straight up the pitfalls I would face in the recruitment machine – this I appreciated more than any other advice, as it forced me to think creatively and consider how to expand my network to access off-market opportunities. I would highly recommend Kelly to anyone at an executive level looking to make a career change.” Kathie, Operations & Shared Services Executive

“I first met Kelly as a job candidate when she was a Recruitment Consultant at Recruitment Solutions in 1999. Unlike so many other consultants, she was extremely professional, proactive and could read beyond the scope of a typical resume to see how I could be recommended for relevant temporary assignments. Our first meeting has lead to an ongoing business relationship lasting more than 10 years as we share similar views, commitments and concerns in relation to recruitment, employment, careers and women in business. Kelly is a passionate and committed leader determined to make a difference in the employment market. She has made every effort to keep her skills current, updated her formal education and is a great networker providing real value in social media forums. Kelly is a woman of action who is also willing to share her wisdom and networks to help others.” Sue, LinkedIn Specialist

“I’ve had the pleasure of engaging Kelly as a speaker and HR expert on numerous occasions in the area of salary negotiation, and she always delivers.  Her enthusiasm and knowledge are obvious and she creates a strong and lasting positive impression. Kelly is a great educator and smart presenter whose personable and practical approach generates great results – every time. I highly recommend Kelly as a speaker and presenter. Highly professional, motivated and knowledgeable.” Bridgette Engeler Newbury, Incognito Sum / BPW

“An informal relationship between Six Figures and the Career Centre at Melbourne Business School has developed. Our team subscribes to the Six Figures Newsletter, and from time to time, I enjoy trading employment market insights with Kelly. In December 2008, Six Figures produced a Salary Negotiation guide for job seekers. We were pleased to add this valuable resource to our online career management library. When organising a Career Success program earlier this year for graduating MBA students, we approached Kelly to deliver a workshop on this subject. Kelly was kind enough to accept our invitation, and at our urging, agreed to extend the session to include insights on building and maintaining one’s Personal Brand – both online and offline. I was particularly impressed (and gratified) with the amount of preparation Kelly put into this presentation, and the fact that she listened carefully to our brief and framed the material for the needs of our audience. Kelly delivered the two-hour session to an audience of some 50 students. The key quality that came across in Kelly’s presentation was her passion for the subject matter, giving her greater presence and warmth as a speaker. “ Leo Grogan, Melbourne Business School

Kelly delivered an engaging one-hour presentation to a 100 women (a mix of current MBA students, Alumni and prospective MBA students), on the topic of ‘Successful Salary Negotiation for Women’. The presentation was a sold-out event and incredibly well received by the audience. They found it to be both motivational and practical, giving them the tools and more confidence to negotiate their salary packages. Laura Bell, Academic Registrar, Melbourne Business School


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  1. Dino Asproloupos

    All these comments confirm my experience as a client of Kelly’s when I migrated to Australia with an MBA 8 years ago. I was struggling to make the transition to the Australian context, but Kelly coached me through this difficult period in a supportive and professional manner. Her advice assisted me in landing a great role in Melbourne. I review my notes and exercises from our coaching sessions every few years as I gauge my career path. I’d highly recommend Kelly as a career coach.

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