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Speaking Topics

Kelly Magowan has spent over 10 years delivering presentations on topics to empower people in their work lives. She has presented to associations, government departments, university groups, Alumni groups, not for profits and corporate groups of up to 100 attendees.

Topics include:

  • How to Find More Passion (Happiness) & Purpose in Your Worklife

  • Building A Great Personal Brand Online & Offline for Career Success

  • How to Confidently Negotiate Your Salary

  • How to Define & Live Your Values at Work

  • Leveraging Cognitive Diversity At Work

To find out more about these topics and how you can book Kelly visit SpeakerHub 

Client Testimonials

Topic: Successful Salary Negotiation for Women

Kelly delivered an engaging one-hour presentation to a 100 women (a mix of current MBA students, Alumni and prospective MBA students), on the topic of ‘Successful Salary Negotiation for Women’. The presentation was a sold-out event and incredibly well received by the audience. They found it to be both motivational and practical, giving them the tools and more confidence to negotiate their salary packages. Laura Bell, Academic Registrar, Melbourne Business School

Topic: ‘How to Build a Successful Personal Brand’ 

“The presenter was excellent, and the material was highly relevant and useful.  The workshop was exactly as advertised which was great, so I felt justified taking time out to attend.” Swinburne Post Graduate Student 

“The workshop was valuable and inspired me to spend more time on creating my personal brand.” Swinburne Post Graduate Student


Kelly Magowan


Kelly Magowan brings nearly two decades of experience designing, delivering, presenting and facilitating to small and large groups of 100+ attendees. Client groups include industry associations such as AIM, Women in Finance, Women in Banking & Finance, BPW, Think Pink, Melbourne Business School, Melbourne University, Swinburne University, La Trobe University & Monash University. In addition to a range of corporations within the pharmaceutical, retail, education, government and not for profit sectors.

Kelly is a passionate speaker on the topic of careers for professionals and executives, with a focus on empowering women in their work. Kelly has written a book, ‘The Busy Women’s Guide to Salary Negotiation’ and regularly speaks on this topic and other career-related topics on the Radio, TV, Podcasts and at Events. In addition, she has done many presentations and workshops such as ‘Creating & Managing Your Personal Brand (online & offline)’, Finding Passion & Purpose in Your Work & Life, Strategic Career Planning & Management, and Team Building & Type Dynamics.

For any media requests around; employment, job searching, careers, career changes,  leadership, MBA’s, self-awareness, executive coaching, personal branding, Myers Briggs Personality Type (MBTI), team building, culture & values, or professional development programs – please contact Kelly Magowan on 0417330673


Past Events & Media

  • Think Pink, ‘Research & Job Search Strategies
  • Think Pink, ‘Networking confidently for career change success
  • Think Pink,  ‘The ingredients for making a successful career change in 2017′
  • Think Pink, Overcoming the Challenges Faced by Women at Work 
  • Think Pink, How to Re-design Your Career & Lifestyle to Increase Your Happiness,
  • Think Pink, Why All Women Need a Career Plan & How to Get Started,
  • Think Pink, How to Get Your Business Idea Out of Your Head & Ready to Launch!
  • Think Pink, Creating a Resume & LinkedIn profile that Gets Noticed!
  • ABC Radio, with Sally Warhaft, discussing ‘making a career change’
  • Think Pink Series of 3 Careers Presentations
    • Why All Women Need a Strategic Career Plan & How to Get Started
    • How to Define & Manage Your Personal Brand to Achieve Your Career Goals
    • Successful Salary Package Negotiation for Women 
  • Melbourne Business School, (Alumni presentation to 100+ attendees) 4th  Successful Salary Negotiation for Women
  • Polson & Co, Life Stages & Career Decisions Discussion Group,.
  • Melbourne Business School, Interview Preparation Skills
  • Executive Women Australia Exploring 21st Century Workplace Barriers for Women
  • Directioneering, Salary & Contract Negotiation in all Economic Climates
  • Women in Finance, Salary Negotiation for Women
  • Australian Institute of Management, Salary Negotiation in all Economic Climates
  • La Trobe Alumni, Whats Your Career Plan B (Expert risk-management advice for all stages of your career)
  • Melbourne Business School, Guest Speaker on Women and Entrepreneurship
  • Swinburne International Business Club Event, Guest Speaker on International Entrepreneurship in the current climate
  • Melbourne Business School, two one hour presentations on Salary Negotiation & Personal Branding

Radio & TVabc radio jon faine

  • ABC Radio with Jon Faine ,16th September 2015, 10.00am – 10.30am discussing HR, Recruitment & Careers. To listen play forward to 1:35 (hour:min)  for my segment.










  • January 2015, ABC Radio with George McEncroe Careers you Have Fallen Into,
  • January 2012, ABC Radio Drive Program with Prue Bentley, Making a Job or Career Change
  • September 2009, BTalk Australia, guest of Phil Dobbie on the topic: It Pays to Negotiate Your Salary- Find Out Why & How!


Speaking & Events Bookings

skynewssmallTo book Kelly for a speaking event or to find out more call 0417 330 673 or email

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