Uncover Your Top Saboteurs with this free PQ Assessment

Your mindset influences your behaviours. Saboteurs are the negative thoughts that become habitual and work against our best interests, particularly in challenging situations. While external factors may challenge you, how you react to your saboteurs can cause self-sabotage! E.g. the voice in your head saying “I am not good at this, don’t do it’” when you are asked to present at work. By discovering how they play out and when they show up, you can then start to manage your saboteurs. This assessment is free and& will help you to identify your top saboteurs that may be impacting on your life. Plus, identifying situations that may trigger your top saboteurs and strategies to manage them better. To download visit https://diversitas.ck.page/26b236225e

Mindset Coaching PQ Program – Information Session

The Mindset Coaching PQ Program developed by Shirzard Chamine and used with leading US companies such as Amazon, Google and Paypal for their managers and leaders offers a profound and positive user-friendly way to support making positive changes in our thinking about ourselves, others and circumstances. The Mindset Coaching PQ program offers incredibly powerful transformative results individuals and team.  The next program will commence 2nd June 2022, there are only 3 spots available.  To learn more and read what others have said visit https://diversitas.ck.page/c515a67cf3

GET NAKED with Shepreneur – New Series! Lets get RAW & REAL

The BOTTOM line, being naked can be freeing but also uncomfortable, HAIRY at times and challenging for many. So too can be the entrepreneurial journey. Our “Get Naked” Series is a safe space to let it ALL HANG OUT amongst other like minded Shepeneurs. Come and BARE all and get vulnerable as you hear us EXPOSE conversations and Q&A with our expert coaches around topics that we know personally challenge you, our shepreneurs and your venture.

Introducing 25th May’s Speaker for our First Virtual Event – KELLY MAGOWAN

TOPIC: When and how much should I be paying myself?  The fun, fame or fortune.

No matter the challenge, you don’t have to face it alone – but it’s up to you to take the first step. Join our virtual lunchtime chat to find the people you can trust, who understand what you’re going through, and who genuinely want to help you succeed. Make Your Lunch Break Worth Taking! Spend it by a virtual meeting with like-minded women entrepreneurs, women in business, and women who are looking to restart or level up their careers. This is an interactive virtual networking event via Zoom where you can create new meaningful connections and collaborations.

Naked is pure. Naked is raw. Naked is art. Come and ask, learn, share and connect.

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Positive Intelligence – Mindset Coaching Program

What participants have said about the PQ Mindset Coaching program…

“I have found the program helpful in improving relationships, working with difficult people, minimising stress, self-actualisation and being empathetic towards myself. I’m looking forward to continuing using the PQ app and re-engaging with the material.” Donna, Executive

“I recently participated in the PQ Program facilitated by Kelly. I was really surprised by how much it gave me and how much it is still giving to me even after it has finished. I learned a lot about myself and others, how to deal with certain aspects of my personality that sabotage my ability to move forward on things. At times there were ‘triggers’ but that was a great part of the process and moving forward for sure – being aware and knowing the tools to handle these ‘saboteurs’ as they crop up in your day to day. The great aspect of this program is the support Pod and the app which is a wonderful and easy to use tool – I keep referring to it now and it gives me the ‘kick’ I need with daily reminders too. Highly recommend this course to anyone who is open to learning more about themselves.” Nicole, Professional

“The PQ program has helped me to deal with challenging situations with a positive mindset. The program fast tracked new practices into my daily life and has improved my mindset during challenging times.” Rosemary, Manager

How the program adds value to our work & personal relationships

The past 2 years has proven mentally exhausting for even the most robust of us. Like my clients, I am somewhat of a high achiever who likes to keep moving forward and to work and live with positivity and purpose. That is not always easy, particularly in a pandemic. Those negative thoughts, voices and the internal critic have been playing too loudly for many of us as work and life becomes more challenging with less certainty, more self- doubt and greater strains placed on our relationships at work and home.

The Mindset Coaching (PQ) program created by Shirzard Chamine is used by companies such as Google, Stanford University, Amazon, PayPal. It works.

How the Mindset Coaching Program Works

If you would like to join me as your Coach & Pod Leader, (for the pod of 5) for the 6 week Positive Intelligence PQ Mindset Coaching Program starting 4 June 2022 all you need is a mobile phone to download the positive intelligence app and 15 minutes a day to do the exercises. Plus 1 hour a week to watch the videos and 1 hour to join the pod for a weekly Zoom Group Coaching Session. Note: Group coaching session is optional. However, to get the value from the program you need to get the app, do the daily exercises and watch a weekly video. Plus you can have access to the positive intelligence app for free for 12 months.

To learn more or sign up visit

The Positive Intelligence (mental fitness) program is created by Shirzard Chamine This program is used by companies such as Google, Stanford University, Amazon, PayPal. You will thank yourself for investing in your mental fitness as you experience the positive changes you see in yourself & your relationships. Join the information session Monday 30th May, 8pm. Join via Zoom.

Join Kelly Magowan, Career Strategist & Executive Coach to learn more about the Positive Intelligence (PQ) Mindset Coaching 6 week program.

To learn more or sign up for the information session visit here.

7 Steps to Successful Salary & Contract (Re-) Negotiation

Many women and men alike struggle with negotiating their employment contracts and salary packages.  From graduates to executives most of us find it uncomfortable to negotiate for ourselves at work, even those whose roles require a high level of negotiation expertise. The reality is that emotionally and psychologically it is very different negotiating a business deal versus your own salary package. 

With so much movement in the job market now, it is a great time to become familiar with salary package negotiation techniques and to do some reflection on the value you bring. Whether you are looking to stay and re-negotiate your contract or embark on a new career with another employer, investing in yourself, your career and salary negotiation skills is important.

If you find you avoid salary negotiation or are not very good at it, take a moment to read below.

  • Prepare the meeting agenda (keep it brief).
    • A clear road map of what is to be discussed will keep you on track and provides a more professional edge to the discussion.
  • Research the job market for current salary data & document what you are seeking.
    • There is an abundance of free information available online for salary data such as pay scale, also through personal networks, HR, Industry Associations and Recruitment Firms you can find out where to pitch yourself.
  • Prepare the business case (keep it factual and concise).
    • It is less about your needs (i.e. tenure or having a big mortgage to pay) and more about you selling your past value and achievements and your future potential and benefits to your employer.
  • List your alternatives & what items you would be prepared to negotiate.
    • You must have clarity around what items you are looking to negotiate, such as base salary, flexible work hours and a car park (avoiding a shopping list of requests, instead package it up). No more than 3 items!
  • Anticipate potential objections & prepare responses.
    • Entering into any sort of negotiation is more likely than not to be met with objections. Ensuring you prepare for these is very important so you don’t get put off. The most common objection provided is variations around the company and/or division not having the budget or funds to provide any increases. Very rarely is this the case, as they can and will always find the funds if they believe you to be an asset to the business.
  • Book a meeting with the decision maker/s on neutral territory.
    • Wherever possible conduct the negotiation meeting face to face and on neutral territory. This ensures that you are is not disadvantaged.
  • Role play and practice of negotiation meeting. 
    • The avoidance to negotiate is largely due to people not have the training or experience in negotiating. Without seeking out opportunities to practice negotiating (around anything, even a coffee) and role playing you are unlikely to gain the confidence you need to be successful. Research suggests that if you don’t act on the decision to do something out of your normal routine within 5 seconds, chances are you won’t act. So there is only a small window of opportunity each time to convince yourself to move out of our comfort zone.


You can book a complimentary 30-minute call with me via this link Coaching Services (diversitas.com.au)  or book in for a one-to-one virtual Salary Negotiation focused Coaching Session to prepare you for your next salary package or job flexibility discussion with your current or potential new employer.

Kelly Magowan is the author of ‘The Busy Women’s Guide to… Salary Negotiation’ and has been successfully coaching clients and running salary negotiation workshops for over 15 year for organisations such a Women in Banking & Finance, Business Professional Women (BPW), Melbourne Business School – University of Melbourne, La Trobe University and many more. 

Broad Radio, What You Need to Kickstart Your Career in 2022

Looking to kickstart your career? Need a little help negotiating a contract? Or wondering – what the hell do I want to be when I grow up? Kelly Magowan, joins us this Tuesday, to help us find joy in our job. PLUS Kelly is here to answer your career questions. From finding your purpose to planning your path, and everything in between – ask Kelly anything.

Listen/watch here: Broad Radio: Ep 53 Jo Stanley, Kirsty Webeck, Kelly Magowan and Annie Mulders – YouTube

How to grow your mental fitness & tame the internal critic….

Start with your ‘Saboteurs’ – Also Known as ‘Our Internal Critic’ or ‘Negative Self Talk’

Positive Intelligence, Shirzard Chamine, The Avoider Saboteur

Our mindset influences our behaviours. Saboteurs are the negative thoughts that become habitual and work against our best interests, particularly in challenging situations. They are often developed from childhood and can create stress, anxiety, and roadblocks in our lives if you listen to them too much.

Whilst external factors may challenge us, how we react to our saboteurs can cause self-sabotage. One example is the voice in your head that may say ‘I am not good at this, don’t do it’ when you are asked to present to an audience on your expertise.  The sage mindset is coming from wisdom, experience, and insight on how to manage challenging situations. The sage mindset might say, ‘Remember you know more than the audience on this topic’.

Positive Intelligence is a way of measuring or assessing how much you are mastering your own mind or another way to look at it is your level of mental fitness!

The Positive Intelligence indicator (PQ) has been developed by Shirzad Chamine, Home | Positive Intelligence based on his extensive coaching and research on how people’s mindset affects their success to overcome challenges.

The assessment looks at your Top Saboteurs! We all have them. Think about that internal voice that leads you to avoid situations or people, or when you play the role of Victim, or perhaps when you display those A -type Hyper Achiever traits, or are constantly making Judgements about yourself or others, or maybe you are a people Pleaser! There are 10 core Saboteurs and most of us have a couple that are big and can cause us a lot of stress and anxiety

This exercise will help you to identify your top saboteurs and watch out for situations that may trigger these negative thoughts. Then develop strategies to manage a positive mindset and flip into your sage mindset before acting on your saboteurs.  Completing this exercise will also help you to understand other people’s saboteurs too.  Download the exercise below.

Ted Talk

Before completing the exercise and taking the assessment you may like to watch the 20 minute Ted Talk by Shirzard Chamine Know your inner saboteurs: Shirzad Chamine at TEDxStanford – Bing video

If you are experiencing stress, anxiety and don’t feel that your mentally as strong as you would like to be, this is the perfect first step to start making some positive changes to your mental fitness and wellbeing.

Click here learn more about the Positive Intelligence Mental Fitness Program with Diversitas Coaching.

Why Women Need to Negotiate Their Salary More!

Image Source – Unsplash

I have been speaking and writing on the topic of women and salary negotiation for some years now. As a working woman with children (including a daughter) it is a topic that I am passionate about. Throughout my career I have been fortunate to work with many amazing men and women. However as has traditionally been the way, the women have remained underpaid in relation to their male counterparts. While this is gradually changing, there certainly needs to be more support to assist women in both preparing for and having these discussions.

Take heart if you are one of those women who find is the whole concept of salary negotiation unsettling – it is completely normal.  It appears that women more so than men find salary negotiation entirely daunting and as such avoid it. This is to their detriment when it comes to their pay checks.  Certainly, employers could be more forthcoming in relation to setting up and encouraging salary negotiation meetings however let’s be realistic this is never going to happen. The responsibility sits with working women to take charge and initiate these conversations more than we have been doing. It is the only way.  If you do not ask you don’t get! 

Some of the reasons why women resist engaging in salary negotiation and career promotion conversations include our different personality types, social conditioning, overvaluing competency, over-thinking the process, lack of confidence and simply failing to act. Without acting nothing will change. 

For those looking for support and guidance in conducting the salary negotiation, I have written The Busy Women’s Guide to… Salary Negotiation. The guide has been written to provide the essential information and tools women all over the world need to conduct an effective salary negotiation. All you have to do is follow the process and start the negotiation ball rolling – be it with your current employer or a new employer.   Important note: this guide is just as useful for men as it is for women who struggle with engaging in salary package negotiation conversations.

There are countless stories I can share of women (& men) who have used this guide to support them in engaging in salary package negotiations. The key is that they invested time in understanding their value to prospective employers and were willing to back themselves and have a conversation (or email) to demonstrate this value. As they say if you don’t ask you don’t get. The worst they can say is No. Which may mean no never or just not now!

One client I coached recently used the guide, and in a session with me was able to double her salary. Another recently used the guide to have a conversation to gain the highest pay scale that the position was offering, this was after they told her she would come on board at the lowest of the pay scale. Others have shared with me how using the guide and going through the process has led to them securing higher salary packages.

“A huge thank you for your support with my salary negotiation. Your advice helped me to be more confident in the negotiations – I was able to achieve the highest rate!” HR Professional 

To learn more reach out below or email kelly@kellymagowan.com