Why Women Need to Negotiate Their Salary More!

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I have been speaking and writing on the topic of women and salary negotiation for some years now. As a working woman with children (including a daughter) it is a topic that I am passionate about. Throughout my career I have been fortunate to work with many amazing men and women. However as has traditionally been the way, the women have remained underpaid in relation to their male counterparts. While this is gradually changing, there certainly needs to be more support to assist women in both preparing for and having these discussions.

Take heart if you are one of those women who find is the whole concept of salary negotiation unsettling – it is completely normal.  It appears that women more so than men find salary negotiation entirely daunting and as such avoid it. This is to their detriment when it comes to their pay checks.  Certainly, employers could be more forthcoming in relation to setting up and encouraging salary negotiation meetings however let’s be realistic this is never going to happen. The responsibility sits with working women to take charge and initiate these conversations more than we have been doing. It is the only way.  If you do not ask you don’t get! 

Some of the reasons why women resist engaging in salary negotiation and career promotion conversations include our different personality types, social conditioning, overvaluing competency, over-thinking the process, lack of confidence and simply failing to act. Without acting nothing will change. 

For those looking for support and guidance in conducting the salary negotiation, I have written The Busy Women’s Guide to… Salary Negotiation. The guide has been written to provide the essential information and tools women all over the world need to conduct an effective salary negotiation. All you have to do is follow the process and start the negotiation ball rolling – be it with your current employer or a new employer.   Important note: this guide is just as useful for men as it is for women who struggle with engaging in salary package negotiation conversations.

There are countless stories I can share of women (& men) who have used this guide to support them in engaging in salary package negotiations. The key is that they invested time in understanding their value to prospective employers and were willing to back themselves and have a conversation (or email) to demonstrate this value. As they say if you don’t ask you don’t get. The worst they can say is No. Which may mean no never or just not now!

One client I coached recently used the guide, and in a session with me was able to double her salary. Another recently used the guide to have a conversation to gain the highest pay scale that the position was offering, this was after they told her she would come on board at the lowest of the pay scale. Others have shared with me how using the guide and going through the process has led to them securing higher salary packages.

“A huge thank you for your support with my salary negotiation. Your advice helped me to be more confident in the negotiations – I was able to achieve the highest rate!” HR Professional 

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