The 6 Classic Mistakes People Make When Negotiating Their Salary

Article by Jade Bate for the Australian Financial Review

Asking for a pay rise is such an uncomfortable experience that many employees avoid it altogether – and are the poorer for it. Kelly Magowan, author, career strategist and consultant for the students at the Melbourne Business School, tells The Australian Financial Review about six classic mistakes people make when seeking a fatter pay packet, and how to avoid them.


“Even if you’re a top performer, employers aren’t going to open up the conversation candidly to you and they certainly aren’t going to willingly give you more money,” says Magowan. This means it’s important to use your initiative if you think you’re due for a salary negotiation.

The ideal time to ask for salary negotiation is when you’re entering a new place of work. Magowan says “you can put everything you want into your negotiation up front. It’s important to cite everything you want in this initial contract, but try not make it too excessive and complicated because your employer won’t want to negotiate with you.”

If you’re already employed and think a pay rise is due, Magowan says it’s important to “be upfront when asking your boss for time to discuss your salary package”. The best way to enter into a discussion about pay with your boss is to contact them via e-mail or phone to ask for a time when they’re available to negotiate your salary face-to-face. Magowan recommends to “use direct and positive language” in asking for time to discuss. “Remember, bosses and HR want to avoid having this conversation just as much as you’re nervous about bringing it up”, she says.

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