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photoWhether or not to include your street address details on your resume is a personal decision. In my view and experience I believe it is unwise to do so.  There are a couple of reasons. Firstly, including your postal address is a left over from the days when people posted their job applications – pre email! This was done so the employer had somewhere to post the unsuccessful letter (something very few employers send via post or email these days). Secondly, given it serves no real purpose, it seems unwise to be sharing where you live with complete strangers. Particularly in an age of identify fraud. Certainly include your name, mobile and an email address – this is all the personal information that is required.

While on this subject of giving out unnecessary information, the same can be said for referees. This is private information that should only be provided to a prospective employer once you are into the recruitment process. It is acceptable to simple state ‘Referees will be provided upon request.’

More recently people have started to include their LinkedIn profile address on their resume. This again is an optional not an essential.

I welcome others views and experiences on the topic.


3 thoughts on “Your Resume & Personal Information

  1. Christina Harris

    Can I suggest that people also consider omitting their date of birth. I just put my age. Date of birth is rarely necessary for anything, although often asked for, and is like a key for those who want to access your private details.

  2. Philip Veerman

    In response to Christina, who doesn’t give her date of birth, I wonder why then would you give your age? It should be irrelevant. Or is she not wishing people to choose by horoscope? I never give either, enough of my expereince to be relevant, can be inferred from details of dates of my education and employment. I once had an interview in which I was asked my d.o.b. and marital status. I hesitated because it was totally irrelevant. When I told him, the interviewer was annoyed at my hesitation and accused me of being evasive and he got up and walked out.

  3. kelly Post author

    Like Philip, I do not believe you should include any personal information beyond your name, mobile and email address. Everything else is irrelevant.
    If an interviewer requests any personal information that is not legally acceptable to ask you can seek the appropriate channels for support.


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