Why life is too short to be doing a job you don’t enjoy!

For most of us work dominates our lives, regardless of if we are doing a job we enjoy or not, or earning a good or bad salary.  It is suggested that work occupies 75% of our waking hours – which includes all working activities, from getting ready for work, driving to work, working, driving home and anything extra we do for our jobs.

What is astounding is the fact that most people spend more time planning a holiday than they have ever spent on planning their actual career.  I kid you not. This could account for why only 18% of people are actually enjoying their jobs

Talk to any successful person and they will tell you that they had a career goal/s in place supported by a strategy and set in place the actions to achieve them. They also no doubt worked dam hard to get where they are, both working on and in their careers. In turn they generally experience both personally satisfying and financially successful careers.

Taking a proactive approach to career management combined with dedicating time and energy into understanding what it is that drives you and setting in place the motions to achieve results is very empowering. This exercise ‘Looking to make a job or career change’ offers a good starting point.

It does take courage, plus time and sometimes money to achieve the career you want, however given how much of our lives work occupies and that fact that it is how we derive our income it is surely worth it.

You can access lots of great free career resources via the Six Figures site. And/or alternatively you can engage professional support from a Career Coach or Strategist like myself to help get you on your way.

Remember, life is too short to be doing a job you don’t enjoy!


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