Re-thinking Leadership & Power – Keeping Your Hands Clean!

I have written about this brilliant book before, ‘Power – The 48 Laws’ by Robert Greene & Joost Elffers.  It never ceases to amaze me how far fetched, yet sometimes relevant these laws are in today’s workplaces.  Some of the messages really resonant and can assist people in both better managing and advancing their careers.

An extract from the Law of ‘Keep Your Hands Clean’ states “As a leader you may imagine constant diligence, and the appearance of working harder than anyone else, signify power. Actually, though, they have the opposite effect: They imply weakness. The truly powerful seem to never be in a hurry or overburdened. While others work their fingers to the bone, they take their leisure. They know how to find the right people to put in the effort while they save their energy and keep their hands out of the fire.”

I suspect if you reflect on your career or those around you – examples of such ‘leadership’ or getting ahead can be found via the use of scapegoats.


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