Post and pray: Common talent-sourcing mistakes

While many job-seekers can be accused of a pokies-style job search approach, as highlighted in my recent article ‘Why online job seeking is similar to playing the pokies’, companies are equally guilty of lacking robust strategies when it comes to hiring via online channels.

It may be sign of the times, in that technology has made us all rather lazy. Unfortunately, though, it is not serving job seekers or employers well.

Having worked in corporate human resources, recruitment agencies and having run a job site for many years, I have seen a lot of the behaviours that occur when it comes to sourcing talent.

More often than not, the hiring of staff is a reactive process, with little time or thought given to the planning and strategy stage of the process. This could be because it involves the tough stuff and takes time to discuss and formalise the real criteria around the talent the company is looking for. More often than not, those hiring miss these crucial steps, which results in a job ad being thrown up (via all sort of online channels).

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