ONET – An Amazing Job Search & Careers Research Tool

While ONET is a tool created by the US Government to present an extensive amount of jobs and industry data, it is a tool that can be successfully used by anyone looking to make a job or career change.

Some examples of how the site can be used:

  • A search on Skills: for example ‘complex problem solving’ the site will bring up a list of jobs where complex problem solving skills play a key part. From here you can then find out more about these jobs.
  • A search on Career Clusters (Career Clusters contain occupations in the same field of work that require similar skills) for example ‘business, management & administration’ will again bring up a comprehensive list of jobs for you to review.

When you run various searches, each job is given a job outlook rating, in addition to a lot of background information about what the job entails, values, tools & technology and wage and employment trends.

ONET is a brilliant research tool that I would encourage anyone who is exploring job or career options to leverage.


3 thoughts on “ONET – An Amazing Job Search & Careers Research Tool

  1. Passang Dorji

    Since the completion of master of nursing from La Trobe Uni. in 2007, I have been working as a nurse incharge of the ED of JDWNRH, Bhutan. Now I have completed my contract with the government and looking for a job in Australia.

    1. kelly Post author

      Researching industries companies and jobs will vary somewhat depending on what you are targeting. For healthcare I would suggest google as a starting point if you don’t have access to databases like ibis. Libraries also may have industry information. Create a list of the companies in the sector in excel. Then go to their company websites, employer rating sites like glass door and see what else you can find. Some companies have job mail you can sign up for. Also visit sector specific job sites. Another research channel is linkedin for company information and information about decision makers. In this instance you would be basing your research on Australian companies and contacts.


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