MBA’s and Career Transition Stories

Leon Gettler from Leading Company recently did a piece on MBA’s who have made career transitions, it was titled  ‘How an MBA can propel you out of a career rut’

As a careers strategist working with MBA’s I was approached about the subject as were a number of MBA students who have made successful career transitions.  While the academic benefits of doing an MBA are unquestionable, more recently people are also starting to see the career benefits that an MBA offers beyond simply climbing the corporate ladder. Doing an MBA does open up a lot of new career possibilities to students and can lead them down a new and exciting career path that they may never have contemplated.

In his article Leon states – “The MBA is about more than just getting skills. For many, it’s a career-changing tool. It can turn engineers into financial analysts, IT specialists into brand managers and administrative assistants into procurement specialists. In recent years, ex-military people have begun doing an MBA to move into consulting and financial services.”

To read about some exciting career transition stories from MBA students visit Leading Company


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