Have you followed up on any interviews lately? Why keeping in touch is a good career management strategy

While job seeking has its ups and downs, there are certainly things you can be doing to build relationships, your networks and potentially your pipeline of job opportunities. Better still by doing these you stand out from the crowd.

It is unfortunate that there is not enough professionalism and general courtesy in the recruitment process by those doing the hiring. As job seekers, the lack of acknowledgement of applications is frustrating, as is the lack of communication following phone calls and interviews. In the instances where you never hear anything back, follow up once or twice however if there is no response then move on. It is their loss!

Just because some of those doing the hiring lack professionalism – you can rise above it.

After an interview, do follow up with a thank you email or letter?

Even if you receive the call to say that you were not successful with a particular role, be it with an agency or employer direct, thank them for their time and indicate that you would like to keep in touch about future opportunities. Particularly with an employer that you felt was the right organisational fit for you. It is worth mentioning this and that you would welcome the opportunity to be considered and contacted about upcoming jobs. Schedule to send an email or call every few months to check in with them.

Rather than doing what most job seekers do when unsuccessful (which is to throw away the business card of the hirer in disappointment) look at it as a potential longer term opportunity to build your pipeline of job opportunities.  

You just never know what is around the corner, and believe me – this small action can make a big difference.  


One thought on “Have you followed up on any interviews lately? Why keeping in touch is a good career management strategy

  1. Ailsa Larin

    Your comment is timely. I am on Long Service Leave, after 18 years without a break and will be travelling overseas in a few weeks’ time. I am also considering changing my workplace after 12 years at the same school. I think part time work would be better so that I can wind down more. I didn’t realise how tense I’d become working at an academic, IB school. I’ll keep your tips in mind as I commence my search after my trip.

    Thank you.

    Ailsa Larin


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