Do You Give Yourself Permission To Be Happy In Your Worklife?

thehappinesstrap_01It may appear an odd concept at first however giving yourself permission to be happy in your worklife is very important. As is having the permission of a significant other.

Given around half the working population cites that they are not happy in their current job something is clearly amiss in our working lives. Through various conversations of late with friends and colleagues (and with some first- hand experience with a significant other), I have come to realise how common a blocker to job or career change ‘permission’ really is. See Key Blockers to Making a Career Change for more information about blockers.

When it comes to permission there are various scenarios at play here. While you may have come to the realisation that your current work arrangement is no longer working for you and is making you unhappy, you may not feel that your partner gives you permission or supports you in taking action to change it. Alternatively, such as with my partner, while I have given him permission all along to follow his career dreams, he has taken some time to come around to giving himself permission to start fulfilling these.

While on the face of it the concept of giving ourselves permission or having the permission of our significant others to be happy at work seems so simple, in practise it is not. The first step is to be aware of this blocker and then take steps towards overcoming this. For some people they can work through this successfully on their own and/or with a partner however for others they may require the support of an experienced career coach.

If permission is a blocker for you and is causing you to not experience a fulfilling worklife I encourage you to explore ways to overcome this and find the great worklife you truly deserve.


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