Are you losing good staff? The best way to keep them costs nothing

Talent retention has long been communicated by companies as a key challenge.

Often companies instigate or upgrade Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) or engage consultants to help solve the problem.

Added to this, companies are now also concerned about internal talent mobility, as cited in The Australian’s story, ‘What they do not know can hurt them’ by David Wilson [November 26, 2011].

Wilson’s article states “employers desperate to match the right … to the right jobs face chronic shortages of computerised staff background information and data to make fully informed decisions.” This may well be the case, but the solution to these challenges does not necessarily rest with having more computerised data about staff – well not initially, anyway.

What companies need to look at is their overall process, rather than jumping in to buy or upgrade their HRIS.  While having a snappier computer system is theoretically easy (albeit expensive), it rarely fixes the real problem – which is the data these systems contain.

Data is only as good as the relevance of information inputted.  Which, in reality, often has little input from the staff member – rather, it contains their resume (a historical document) and some personal or interview data and maybe some performance reviews. All offer questionable strategic value.

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